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Rates & Fees

The Basics of Interest

Interest rates for Auto Title Loans are widely variable. The exact rate you qualify for depends on the following factors:

  • The state in which you reside
  • How much money you are borrowing
  • The repayment time frame you choose

and, in some cases,

  • Your credit score

When you make payments on your loan, the amount of interest being added each month decreases over time. This occurs naturally as you pay down the outstanding amount. As a result, you will find that the loan amount decreases slowly at first, then more quickly as you approach your planned repayment date.

Basic Fee

We charge a small fee (5% of the total amount of the loan, which amounts to $50 per $1,000) for our services. This covers basic administrative costs even in the event of immediate early repayment.

No Early Repayment Penalty

We do not stipulate any penalties for early repayment of your loan. If you originally negotiated a two year term of repayment but find that after a year you have a windfall and are able to repay the outstanding balance, we will happily take the money you owe us on the loan at that point.